Time management for researchers

Research is a hard job, no question about it. The pressure to discover and publish new knowledge can be too much to handle at times. Effective use of our time is our best weapon against the insanity of the publish-or-perish culture that has become a synonym for science today.

Nature has recently published an article authored by Maya Gosztyla with some very solid advice on how to manage your time as a research. It is good advice if you want to avoid burn out and keeping your productivity high.

Have a read “How to manage your time as a researcher“.

And as a bonus, if you are finding it difficult to keep up with the fast pace of advancement, i.e., there is a large amount of papers published and can’t find the time to read them all to find the best works, then the following article has some solid advice.

Have a read “How to keep up with machine learning research“.

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