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Telepresence robot making a come back? Meet the Texas robot.

Engineers at Willow Garage have been developing a new kind of robot, the “Texas robot”, which will help research in the field of robotic telepresence. The project, much like many great innovations, was started rather inadvertently. Two engineers working a great distance apart had to constantly communicate with each other, but speaker phones and computer… Read More »

How does the Willow Garage Personal Robot work? Watch the video to find out.

A bit less than a month ago, Willow Garage demonstrated their Personal Robot 2 achieving the second milestone on their roadmap to building an open source, dexterous, mobile robot. They successfully demonstrated the robot navigating an office-like environment, opening and going through doors, and finding outlets to recharge its batteries. You can watch the video… Read More »

Willow Garage robot continues to advance

Earlier this month, Willow Garage’s Personal Robot 2 (PR2) robot successfully passed the second project milestone navigating an office environment, opening doors, and plugging in the electrical supply to recharge its batteries. The first milestone the robot successfully passed last December (if my memory serves me well) was about navigating around an office environment but… Read More »

Learning OpenCV book review

A few days ago, I received my copy of a new book focused on implementing computer vision systems using the OpenCV library. OpenCV is the most comprehensive open source, cross-platform, computer vision library that have been available and under development for many years; however, only recently a book on learning to program with it finally… Read More »