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Twenty-one: a robot for your home

The Japanese unveiled today another robot designed to help care for their quickly ageing population. Researchers from Waseda University, presented their new home service robot named Twenty-One. The new robot looks massive standing just less than 1.5 meters tall but making up for its lack of height with lots of width. It is also rather… Read More »

Report: Robotics for Society conference, day 2

The second day of the Robotics for Society conference organized by the Vancouver Society for Cognitive Systems was as exciting as the first day. The first speaker was Prof. Alan Mackworth from the University of British Columbia and currently president elect of AAAI. Mackworth started his talk with Asimov’s three laws of robotics and the… Read More »

WABIAN-2R: Walk this way!

It is no secret that modern humanoid robots such as ASIMO and QRIO don’t walk in the most attractive or human-like fashion. The second generation WABIAN-2R humanoid from Japan’s Waseda University wants to change this with its more natural walking gate. Standing tall at 150cm and weighing 60Kgr, Wabian-2R boasts a new swiveling pelvis and… Read More »