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Robot fish to help the environment

The above video shows an interesting new type of fish—one with a mission. Despite its impressive life-like movements, it is actually a robot prototype that has been developed by scientists and researchers at the University of Essex, England. It is still being perfected at the London Aquarium, with a number of the expensive fish (each… Read More »

HUBO training with weapons

You might remember the Korean humanoid robot HUBO from our previous post on it learning to ride a Segway and the promise that it will star in a Kanye West music video. Recently, HUBO received another upgrade for better grasping, balance, and running. The below video shows the HUBO (humanoid robot) project’s latest advancement—it can… Read More »

KUKA Light -Weight Robot (LWR) goes on sale

Industrial robot powerhouse KUKA Robotics engineers have finally finished developing their new Light -Weight Robot (LWR) which is now officially on sale. Don’t ask me for the price because I don’t know. The LWR is a very capable robot that will find many uses in industrial applications and research laboratories. According to the information that… Read More »

Reinforcement Learning introduction by example

A group of McGill students have created a brilliant short video introducing the basic ideas behind Reinforcement Learning (RL) and one of the most popular RL algorithms known as Q-learning. Using a hypothetical bartender robot named Shaker, the video explains how an agent learns to act from interactions with his environment and a reward/punishment system.… Read More »

Cute robot makes coffee

HINA, one of the cutest robots to have ever been created is shown in the carefully edited video below making a cup of coffee for her owner, or better yet, her friend. Although the robot does do all the work as shown, it definitely did not do any of it under its own will or… Read More »

Wolfram Alpha demo video

Stephen Wolfram’s new search engine Wolfram Alpha is scheduled to go live this month. It is not online yet, by Stephen has been going around showing off some of its capabilities to academics. He recently did a long presentation at Harvard University which if anything increased the hype surrounding Wolfram’s computational knowledge engine. The 10-minute… Read More »

WowWee Robopanda video

WowWee was out in full force during the recently held Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Among the many robots that they introduced, they presented Robopanda which is their only robot to come without a remote control. Robopanda is a very interesting interactive, smart toy. The robot has a number of touch sensors on its… Read More »

Samsung Techwin’s SGR-A1 robot sentry video

Last September, we mentioned South Korea’s plans to install several sentry robots along its border with North Korea due to the diminishing numbers of troops available to patrol the DMZ. The SGR-A1 robot is developed jointly by the Korea University and Samsung Techwin Co. The latter has released a promotional video showcasing the robot’s capabilities.… Read More »