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Google’s robotic cars unveiled

Out of the blue and in a post titled “What we are driving at” written by Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun of Grand and Urban Challenge fame (at least to the public because he is otherwise very well known in research circles), it was unveiled yesterday that Google has been developing robotic cars for urban environments.… Read More »

A multi-robot pursuit system for the US army

The US army’s desire to develop a multi-robot pursuit system paints a rather bleak future for humanity. After successfully organizing the GRAND and URBAN Challenges with the goal of developing technologies for autonomous driving military vehicles and sponsoring the development of remote-controlled robots for surveillance and also the detection and destruction of Improvised Explosive Devices… Read More »

Top science stories of 2007: where are the robots?

Scientific American editors and reporters have decided upon published their top 25 science stories of the year. During the last couple of weeks in December, most publications (offline and online) always publish articles about the top stories in any subject; a science publication is no different. Regardless, I was surprised to see that out of… Read More »

Grand Challenges payoff for CMU

It appears that the two successful entries in DARPA’s Grand and Urban Challenge events have earned CMU another $14.4 million in funding for research in autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV.) Granted, this is not the first time that CMU has received funding from the military to develop teleoperated and/or fully autonomous UGVs, but the timing… Read More »

CMU wins the Urban Challenge

According to a Popular Mechanics article, the Tartan racing team from CMU won DARPA’s Urban Challenge leaving competitor Stanford in second place. Third place went to the Virginia Tech team. Remember that in the past, CMU and Stanford finished in the first two places during the 2nd Grand Challenge with Stanford taking home first prize.… Read More »

Urban Challenge teams that stand out

CNet’s News.com takes a special look at some of the upcoming Urban Challenge teams that stand out. In this special gallery, you will find information about the usual suspects from Stanford and CMU and newcomers from MIT and Europe including information about the technology and budget of each team. The month of October is very… Read More »

Urban Challenge teams down to 36

DARPA has completed their site visits with all registered teams for the Urban Challenge and they have selected 36 teams for the semifinals. In late October, the total number of teams will be further reduced to 20 during the National Qualification Event; these last few teams will be allowed to participate in the final Urban… Read More »

CMU Tartan Racing is the 2nd team to qualify for the Urban Challenge

Carnegie Mellon’s Tartan Racing team successfully passed the qualifying test for the upcoming Urban Challenge. They join Stanford University’s team which qualified last week. The CMU team that is led by William “Red” Whittaker has outfitted a Chevy Tahoe, nicknamed Boss, with all the necessary sensors and smarts to obey the most basic rules of… Read More »

What does Stanford’s robot car Junior see?

Stanford researchers were the winners of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA’s) Grand Challenge not long ago. They are now preparing their new vehicle for the upcoming Urban Challenge. We have talked about the new challenge in previous posts. Currently, DARPA is visiting qualified teams and testing their vehicles during a second qualifying round… Read More »

DARPA makes the first cuts for the Urban Challenge

Last Friday, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced the 53 teams out of a total 89 teams that qualify for the next round of the Urban Challenge. The teams selected will now be visited by DARPA personnel who will conduct additional tests to evaluate the abilities of the robots in preparation for the… Read More »