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AIspace: Learn artificial intelligence using this collection of freely available interactive tools

A few days ago, I wrote about what I believe is the average person’s irrational fear of robots. As some people pointed out, some of these fears exist because we don’t really understand what Artificial Intelligence is and what it is capable of. So, I thought that some/many/all of our readers may benefit from learning… Read More »

Automatic tracking of hockey players in broadcast video

The automatic and simultaneous tracking of multiple non-rigid objects in video is a very difficult task for computers; this is a problem tackled by computer vision researchers and a good solution can have a large impact in developing intelligent systems including robots. Consider for example the problem of a robot tracking multiple people as it… Read More »

With computer vision by your side you will never have to ask for directions again

MIT’s Technology Review recently published an article describing how Augmented Reality (AR) will have a large impact in the way that we find information; they consider on of the 10 emerging technologies in 2007. Augmented Reality is a specialization of computer vision that attempts to extract the 3D structure of a scene from video and… Read More »

Autonomous exploration with a vision-based mobile robot

In recent years, the vast majority of mobile robots have been constructed to rely heavily on a laser sensor for perceiving their surrounding environment. Laser is very accurate when it comes to measuring the distance to objects making it possible for mobile robots to navigate and map large and highly dynamic environments. On the other… Read More »

Report: Robotics for Society conference, day 2

The second day of the Robotics for Society conference organized by the Vancouver Society for Cognitive Systems was as exciting as the first day. The first speaker was Prof. Alan Mackworth from the University of British Columbia and currently president elect of AAAI. Mackworth started his talk with Asimov’s three laws of robotics and the… Read More »