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Google Streetviews to start blurring faces

Google will finally address a major privacy issue inherent to their Stretviews product. Many people just don’t like the idea that a snapshot of their daily activities can be made public on the World Wide Web. Some privacy groups have also been vocal about Google’s silence on the privacy issues. The company has finally announced… Read More »

Google Street Views illegal in Canada?

There is an interesting article on CBC’s website discussing Canada’s privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart’s look into the privacy issues surrounding Google’s high resolution image mapping service. Stoddart claims that it is possible that Google is violating the country’s privacy laws by capturing high resolution images of unsuspecting citizens. We had previously talked about Google’s street-level… Read More »

Where do Google Streetviews come from?

Google’s new streetviews have attracted a lot of commentary. All the hype is a hard act to follow but here’s my 2 bits. I find the excitement about privacy issues and whether Google capturing your cat looking out your window is “invasion of privacy” rather funny. But clearly the privacy issue is going to be… Read More »