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Lockheed Martin exoskeleton: The Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC)

In the span of less than a year, exoskeletons have moved from science fiction to reality. In the last few months, several research and developments groups have unveiled working prototypes of exoskeletons. One example is the Sarcos exoskeleton designed for military use; another is Honda’s robotic legs recently announced; third, Cyberdyne’s HAL exoskeleton from Japan… Read More »

Honda’s robotic legs

Honda have finally realized that developing and selling a complete humanoid robot at affordable prices is going to take longer than they expected when they invested millions of dollars in the development of ASIMO. Now, Honda wants to take advantage of some of the technology developed for ASIMO to build less complete but still massively… Read More »

Sarcos exoskeleton video

Utah’s Sarcos revealed yesterday their latest prototype exoskeleton for allowing humans to perform tasks requiring strength above that supplied by their own biological muscles. Even though I believe exoskeletons are an important technology for improving the life of differently enabled people, Sarcos seems to be mostly targeting their exoskeleton to military use; however, I am… Read More »