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Neato robotic vacuum to take over household cleaning

Now here’s a useful robot. Neato Robotics have designed a household helper that cleans rooms by itself, and it has a number of useful features to aid it. Robotic vacuum cleaners are not new since the introduction of iRobot’s Roomba which has taken over the world in the last decade. But there is still lots… Read More »

The Mowba lawn mowing robot

From the creators that brought us the Roomba is coming another household-helping robot; this time one that mows the lawn. The rumor of such a robot has been spinning in the tech community for a long time and it was recently discovered that iRobot (the company that makes the Roomba) has designed and patented the… Read More »

Cleaning robot specialist iRobot introduces pool-cleaning Vero series of robots

It would appear the iRobot has a mission to keep our living spaces spotless with zero effort on our part. After having incredible success with the Roomba line of vacuuming robots, they introduced the Scoomba floor washing robot and Dirt Dog workshop cleaning robot. Now iRobot is going outdoors and underwater with the introduction of… Read More »

Introducing the iRobot Create programmable robot so that you don’t have to hack your Roomba

The popular Roomba robot can finally find peace and focus on keeping our floors clean after iRobot’s introduction of the Create programmable robot platform (Model 4400.) Until now, robotics entrepreneurs and hobbyists had to hack their Roomba robot in order to extend its capabilities to more than floor vacuuming. So, iRobot designed the Create platform… Read More »