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Quadrocopter inverted pendulum acrobatics

Quadrocopters are all the rage these day but nobody gets them to more impressive acrobatics than the machine learning and control team, led by Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea, at ETH. Whereas just last year the team demonstrated a single quadrocopter balancing an inverted pendulum, just recently they demonstrated how two flying machines not only can individually… Read More »

Get the scoop on robotics from CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is running, on their website, an In Depth technology special with a focus on robotics. In a series of articles, CBC writers are exploring the past, present and future of robotics. Following is a summary of some of the most interesting articles. They start with an attempt to define what… Read More »

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Autonomous exploration with a vision-based mobile robot

In recent years, the vast majority of mobile robots have been constructed to rely heavily on a laser sensor for perceiving their surrounding environment. Laser is very accurate when it comes to measuring the distance to objects making it possible for mobile robots to navigate and map large and highly dynamic environments. On the other… Read More »