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MIT’s Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV)

A team of students from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lead by Prof. Nick Roy developed an autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicle capable of autonomously mapping and navigating a complex environment. The team built upon a quadrotor helicopter developed by Ascending Technologies which they equipped with a Hokuyo laser rangefinder, small USB camera, and a… Read More »

Karto: web-based mapping from laser range data

I received the following email today announcing SRI International’s new web-based mapping software for robotics. The mapping software is part of SRI’s Karto development platform. As part of the first step toward providing a complete suite of robotic navigation and exploration algorithms, we are making the Karto Logger Plug-In available as a free download at… Read More »

Autonomous exploration with a vision-based mobile robot

In recent years, the vast majority of mobile robots have been constructed to rely heavily on a laser sensor for perceiving their surrounding environment. Laser is very accurate when it comes to measuring the distance to objects making it possible for mobile robots to navigate and map large and highly dynamic environments. On the other… Read More »