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Deep and Reinforcement Learning Summer Schools 2017

Canadian machine learning researchers have already declared publicly their desire to make Canada’s Montreal a hub of innovation for machine learning methods. One can easily argue that this is already the case considering the large number of well known researchers leading the machine learning field from Montreal’s universities in close collaboration with researchers in Toronto… Read More »

Quadrocopter inverted pendulum acrobatics

Quadrocopters are all the rage these day but nobody gets them to more impressive acrobatics than the machine learning and control team, led by Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea, at ETH. Whereas just last year the team demonstrated a single quadrocopter balancing an inverted pendulum, just recently they demonstrated how two flying machines not only can individually… Read More »

Reinforcement Learning introduction by example

A group of McGill students have created a brilliant short video introducing the basic ideas behind Reinforcement Learning (RL) and one of the most popular RL algorithms known as Q-learning. Using a hypothetical bartender robot named Shaker, the video explains how an agent learns to act from interactions with his environment and a reward/punishment system.… Read More »

Reinforcement Learning is cool

The following video was created by the Real-life Reinforcement Learning group at Rutgers University and, in my opinion, it demonstrates why reinforcement learning is awesome! Using RL, artificial intelligent agents such as the AIBO shown in the video can learn solutions to problems that a human engineer may not consider herself. Sometimes the solutions are… Read More »

Reinforcement learning competition

The machine learning community will be holding their second annual reinforcement learning (RL) competition designed to test new RL algorithms in a variety of complex domains including a real-time strategy game, soccer competition, Tetris, helicopter simulation and others. Specifically, the competition will include the following events, Mountain Car: Perhaps the most well-known reinforcement learning benchmark… Read More »

Prof. Peter Stone: IJCAI-2007 Computers and Thought Award

Dr. Peter Stone who is assistant professor in the Department of Computer Sciences at The University of Texas Austin was the recipient of this year’s Computers and Thought Award. The award is presented during the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) to a person selected by a specially selected review committee. Prof. Stone received… Read More »

Reinforcement learning myths and successes

The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence research has always been to construct autonomous agents that can function in complex and higly dynamic environments. Such intelligent agents should be able to improve their performance over time learning from their experiences while exploring their environment. Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a discipline of AI with a focus on… Read More »