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Multi-user spatial collaboration using augmented reality on mobile devices

Augmented reality for mobile devices has grown in popularity in recent years partly because of the proliferation of smart phones and tablet computers equipped with exceptional cameras and partly because of developments in computer vision algorithms that make implementing such technologies on embedded systems possible. Said augmented reality applications have always been limited to a… Read More »

Seaswarm oil spill cleaning robots

Scientists from MIT’s SENSEable City Laboratory have presented a new breed of robots that can save our oceans from oil spills – and may start with the current Gulf-spill disaster. The “Seaswarm” robots each weight 35 pounds and measure 16X7 feet, and, according to the group’s recent Press Release, can collect oil from water much… Read More »

Rewinding AI Research

Research into Artificial Intelligence is being rewinded 30 years back by twenty scientists who have made great innovations in the field. Called “The Mind Machine Project”, it will operate for five years on a $5 million grand, with primary work taking place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although the study of AI is more… Read More »

A biologically-inspired vision system

Researchers at the Rowland Institute, Harvard, and McGovern Institute for Brain Sciences, MIT, are developing new, biologically-inspired vision systems taking advantage of faster computers. Their goal is to create vision systems for image understanding that can be as accurate as biological systems and more specifically the human visual system. The researchers have developed a new… Read More »

Nexi: The MDS Sociable Robot

The MDS robot Nexi, a joint effort by Xitome Design, UMASS Amherst and the Personal Robotics Group at MIT., explores the spectrum of emotion in human-robot relations. This is something that has not often been on the forefront for robot developers, most of whom choose to focus on the mechanics of movement instead. As Nexi… Read More »

MIT’s Micro Aerial Vehicle (MAV)

A team of students from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence lead by Prof. Nick Roy developed an autonomous Micro Aerial Vehicle capable of autonomously mapping and navigating a complex environment. The team built upon a quadrotor helicopter developed by Ascending Technologies which they equipped with a Hokuyo laser rangefinder, small USB camera, and a… Read More »

Siftables: From wireless sensor networks to tangible user interfaces

Interacting with a computer using a keyboard and mouse is really starting to get old. I recently purchased a Tablet netbook and I have found the touch screen interface a pleasure to use over using the mouse; coupled with Vista’s excellent handwriting recognition, the tablet has become my number one machine for use daily. But… Read More »