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Humanoid robots to explore the Moon

Japan announced the other day that they are creating a roadmap for sending humanoid robots to the Moon a a first step towards human-robot space exploration. The current roadmap as announced by Japan’s Strategic Headquarters for Space Development includes sending the first humanoids to explore the Earth’s natural satellite by 2020. This is only 11… Read More »

Mars Science Laboratory: Something to look forward to in 2009 and 2010

For the last few years, the twin Mars Exploration Rovers named Spirit and Opportunity and the Phoenix lander have been the three robotic explorers searching for signs of extraterrestrial life and performing a myriad of science experiments on Mars. Next year, NASA will be sending a new generation rover to continue the exciting work that… Read More »

NASA’s Phoenix robot lands on Mars

After more than a few nail-biting moments, scientists at NASA rejoiced when the confirmation signal arrived from the Mars Phoenix Lander yesterday that it had successfully touched down on the red planet. After entering the planet’s atmosphere at 12,000 mph friction slowed the descent of the robot to one-tenth of that velocity before an automated… Read More »

NASA Mars rovers survive budget cuts

NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity Mars rovers faced extinction yesterday as news were that budget cuts had forced NASA to suspend the operation of one rover and scale back the operation of the other. It all started when NASA sent a letter to JPL telling them that their budget will be reduced by $4 million annually… Read More »

Mars rovers get 2 year mission extension

NASA has approved a 2-year extension for the most successful pair of robotic rovers to ever land on the Martian surface. The two rovers, Spirit and Opportunity, were initially designed for a 3-month mission which has repeatedly been extended because of the robustness and effectiveness of these planetary explorers. The two robots are the best… Read More »