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Geminoid F takes up acting

The highly realistic android called Geminoid F has been placed in a Japanese play called “Good-bye” and presented at a Tokyo Art Festival. The robot, which costs around $1.2 million, can mostly just sit, but she can also move her head and change her facial expressions. Another actress stands behind the stage feeding her her… Read More »

The HRP-4 humanoid robot unveiled

Kawada Industries and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have unveiled their new humanoid robot HRP-4 which is an upgrade on their older robots. The new humanoid stands 151cm tall and is much thinner than its predecessors. For Japan, HRP-4 is another step forward towards creating useful mechanical worker to combat… Read More »

Robovie-II grocery shopping robot helping out this Holiday Season

What better way to integrate robots into society than have them do some good deeds first? Assisting the elderly is certainly one of the more noble jobs they can be given, and that’s just what Robovie-II, the creation of the Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) has been programmed to do. For the next few… Read More »

Butterfly ornithopter high speed video

For most of us, the most familiar ornithopter robot is probably Flytech’s remote controlled Dragonfly toy. However, the state of the art of flapping wing robots inspired by nature is still happening in robotics laboratories around the world. This post is about the butterfly ornithopter work at the Shimoyama-Matsumoto Laboratory, University of Tokyo, in Japan.… Read More »

Large robotic workforce in Japan is near

Japan is one of the most technologically advanced places in the world and it may be the first to have over a million robots in the workforce as well. A recent study has estimated that by 2025 Japan will have over 3.5 million robots doing work. The prospect of such an occurrence may solve the… Read More »