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Neato robotic vacuum to take over household cleaning

Now here’s a useful robot. Neato Robotics have designed a household helper that cleans rooms by itself, and it has a number of useful features to aid it. Robotic vacuum cleaners are not new since the introduction of iRobot’s Roomba which has taken over the world in the last decade. But there is still lots… Read More »

iRobot Looj 2, ConnectR and iTube

The past few days have been busy for the number one manufacturer of consumer robots, the very well known Roomba maker iRobot. Taking advantage of the Consumer Electronics Show taking place in Las Vegas, iRobot announced the second generation Looj gutter cleaning remote-controlled robot and announced the cancellation of the ConnectR telepresence robot and the… Read More »

The Mowba lawn mowing robot

From the creators that brought us the Roomba is coming another household-helping robot; this time one that mows the lawn. The rumor of such a robot has been spinning in the tech community for a long time and it was recently discovered that iRobot (the company that makes the Roomba) has designed and patented the… Read More »

A great week for iRobot

The most successful robotics company in North America had a great week as 2007 is fast coming to its end. First, iRobot was awarded a $268 million army contract to develop the new generation of bomb disarming robots part of the already successful PackBot line. This contract had originally been awarded to iRobot’s rival Robotic… Read More »

Looj and ConnectR: iRobot’s new robots

The company that brought us Roomba, Scooba, Verro, Dirt Dog and a number of military robots is at it again. Earlier today, iRobot announced two new robots: Looj and ConnectR. Looj is a new robot on the family of cleaning machines that have been very successful for iRobot. Looj is a gutter cleaning robot that… Read More »