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Relay: A delivery robot for the hospitality industry

Delivery robots are not a new concept and several systems have been in operation in past decades. For example, delivery robots have been used in hospital environments to deliver medicine. In fact, delivery was on the first imagined practical applications for mobile robots. However, in the early days of robotics, the delivery robots were slow,… Read More »

Learning OpenCV book review

A few days ago, I received my copy of a new book focused on implementing computer vision systems using the OpenCV library. OpenCV is the most comprehensive open source, cross-platform, computer vision library that have been available and under development for many years; however, only recently a book on learning to program with it finally… Read More »

Faster computer chips spell good news for artificial intelligence research

The last few days, computer juggernauts Intel and IBM have introduced new hardware that promises vast performance improvements in computing speeds. Intel unveiled their 80-core Teraflop Research Chip (Polaris) that is capable of over one trillion calculations per second (1 Teraflop.) This kind of performance in the past was only achievable with a 2,500 square… Read More »

Intel presents prototype CPU with 80 cores

During the Intel Developer Forum taking place in San Francisco, Intel presented a prototype CPU with 80 cores operating at 3.1GHz promising 1 TeraFLOP of performance in our near future. In addition to the large number of cores, Intel will be using some recently announced RAM technologies to allow massive transfers of data among the… Read More »