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Nuvo source code for sale

ZMP Inc., a Japanese robot developer, is selling its source code for the biped robot labeled nuvo to the first 50 buyers. The organization hopes that the feedback they receive from its buyers will help them evolve the technology. The bundle, which comes with a nuvo robot, the source code, an electrical circuit diagram, training,… Read More »

Robots for small businesses

CNN Money has posted an interesting article about how used robots are becoming affordable for small businesses. Industrial robots are prevalent in many factories most notably auto plants. Such robots are expensive, robust, require little maintenance and of course can repeat the same motion over and over again with extreme precision. The benefits of owning… Read More »

KUKA’s heavy weight robot arm

Last week I talked about Barrett Technology’s state-of-the-art cable-driven Whole-arm Manipulator (WAM) and its advantages over the more traditional gear-driven robots. Around the same time, KUKA Robotics introduced the KR 1000 titan 6-axis robot with a payload of 1000 Kg making it the strongest robot arm available for industrial use. The robot is powerful enough… Read More »

Heavy duty robot: The autonomous hot metal carrier (HMC)

Considering the current trend in consumer-level humanoid robots, one would think that everyone is always trying to build the smallest but smartest robot. There are however applications in which bigger is better and when we say bigger, we really mean humongous! Researchers at the Autonomous Systems Laboratory, CSIRO ICT Centre, Australia are developing autonomous hot… Read More »