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IBM Sequoia supercomputer to be the fastest ever

In the world of supercomputers, IBM is easily the number one manufacturer. Last year, we wrote about the RoadRunner supercomputer which topped the charts as the fastest machine available for scientific computation housed at the Los Alamos Laboratory and most notably running PetaVision a piece of software used to simulate the human visual cortex. A… Read More »

The Roadrunner supercomputer simulates the human visual system

It takes a supercomputer to really simulate one of the most complex parts of the human brain, the visual cortex, and the scientists at Los Alamos have one operating for only one week but doing more than any other computer in operation today. The supercomputer nicknamed Roadrunner can execute 1 million billion instructions per seconds… Read More »

Faster computer chips spell good news for artificial intelligence research

The last few days, computer juggernauts Intel and IBM have introduced new hardware that promises vast performance improvements in computing speeds. Intel unveiled their 80-core Teraflop Research Chip (Polaris) that is capable of over one trillion calculations per second (1 Teraflop.) This kind of performance in the past was only achievable with a 2,500 square… Read More »