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Leading Cody by the hand

Georgia Tech’s Healthcare Robotics Lab has developed a new robot called “Cody“, which is pretty handy at a lot of things. It uses equilibrium point controllers to interact with various objects, and can open drawers or doors. This makes it a helpful office assistant, though it can work at places such as a medical facility… Read More »

Emotional robots

New Scientist has posted an interesting article and accompanying video on the rise of the emotional robot. The article starts by noting the researchers’ observation that owners of personal robots often grow an emotional attachment to the machines. The results is having people name their robots or treat them as if they have emotions. The… Read More »

Toddlers warm up to humanoid robot

Scientific American reports on recent work at the University of California, San Diego, designed to study the social bonding possible between toddlers and robots. The researchers deployed a humanoid robot (the now defunct Sony QRIO) in a class of toddlers during a 5-month period. The robot operated both autonomously and also under remote control. According… Read More »

Robotics summer schools are great for young graduate students

In recent years, there has been a number of well focused summer schools designed to provide an in depth introduction of a robotics or artificial intelligence topic for young and senior researchers. These summer schools often have one-week duration and include both lectures by experts and hands on experience. This summer for example, the Portuguese… Read More »

BIRON: a robot designed for human-robot interaction

The Bielefeld Robot Companion (BIRON) is a robot designed for studying Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) using multi-modal interfaces. BIRON is supported by the European Union COGNIRON (“The Cognitive Companion”) project and the German research foundation. The robot is capable of detecting and tracking people using its on-board steerable camera along with a range and acoustic sensor.… Read More »