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Google Project Tango mobile phone

After acquiring just about any robotics company worth something, Google research have now revealed one of their internal projects that aims to create a mobile phone that has all the necessary hardware and software to create beautiful 3D models of indoor environments. Project Tango is the first prototype of a highly customized smart phone with… Read More »

Google’s robotic cars unveiled

Out of the blue and in a post titled “What we are driving at” written by Stanford professor Sebastian Thrun of Grand and Urban Challenge fame (at least to the public because he is otherwise very well known in research circles), it was unveiled yesterday that Google has been developing robotic cars for urban environments.… Read More »

Peter Norvig interview

The good guys at reddit.com recently interviewed AI legend and Google Director of Research Peter Norvig. In case you don’t recognize the name, Norvig is the co-author along with Stuart Russell of the standard AI textbook Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach (3rd Edition) (the book now is at its 3rd edition.) Reddit collected questions from… Read More »

Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine

Stephen Wolfram announced a couple of days ago in a blog post that he and his team will soon unveil a new online computational knowledge engine called Wolfram Alpha that will be able to answer questions posed to it in natural language. If successful, this would be the holly grail of computational intelligence for no… Read More »

Internet image search engine Incogna

Internet search engines are definitely well developed tools for finding textual information online. The same cannot be said for the equivalent image search engines that so far have been keyword based. A small Canadian startup called Incogna wants to change that having developed a new way to find images using a combination of keyword and… Read More »

Google Streetviews to start blurring faces

Google will finally address a major privacy issue inherent to their Stretviews product. Many people just don’t like the idea that a snapshot of their daily activities can be made public on the World Wide Web. Some privacy groups have also been vocal about Google’s silence on the privacy issues. The company has finally announced… Read More »

Gigapan comes to Google

Charmed Labs has announced a new collaboration with Google to integrate their gigapixel panoramic images with Google maps in order to create a new educational medium for cross-culture learning. I have presented the Gigapan technology in a previous post, Gigapan: High-resolution panoramas using consumer-level digital cameras. The system is now available for beta testing for… Read More »

Google Street Views illegal in Canada?

There is an interesting article on CBC’s website discussing Canada’s privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart’s look into the privacy issues surrounding Google’s high resolution image mapping service. Stoddart claims that it is possible that Google is violating the country’s privacy laws by capturing high resolution images of unsuspecting citizens. We had previously talked about Google’s street-level… Read More »