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BigDog dynamic manipulation: It throws a cement block!

Boston Dynamics have amazed us more than once over the years having created some of the most incredible and, at times, scariest (not in the uncanny valley sense but more on the Terminator is real sense) robots. Their creations range from the jumping Precision Urban Hopper, the incredibly realistic dynamically balanced humanoid PETMAN, and, of… Read More »

Boston Dynamics PETMAN humanoid robot

Boston Dynamics makers of BigDog, i.e., the coolest robot ever made, are in the process of building a dynamically balanced humanoid. PETMAN is their new 2-legged robot sponsored by the US Army for the purpose of testing chemical protection clothing for the soldiers. Boston Dynamics has not released much information about PETMAN other than that… Read More »

Boston Dynamics BigDog robot

Check out the video below showing Boston Dynamics’ 4-legged BigDog robot traversing a number of different surfaces. The video shows the robot which can carry a payload of more than 300 lbs climb a steep hill, traverse a surface covered with snow or ice, jump over obstacles, and walk over rumble. It is fantastic how… Read More »