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Multi-user spatial collaboration using augmented reality on mobile devices

Augmented reality for mobile devices has grown in popularity in recent years partly because of the proliferation of smart phones and tablet computers equipped with exceptional cameras and partly because of developments in computer vision algorithms that make implementing such technologies on embedded systems possible. Said augmented reality applications have always been limited to a… Read More »

Bing augmented reality maps demo

Microsoft Research who brought us some wonderful technologies such as the incredible Photosynth continue to impress with a much improved web mapping application integrated with the company’s new Bing search engine. During the TED 2010 conference, Microsoft engineer Blaise Aguera y Arcas demoed the new Bing augmented reality maps showing real-time registration of video taken… Read More »

Google goggles for the Android

Earlier today, Google Labs released the Google Goggles application for their Android operating system, i.e., for running on Android-powered smart-phones. Goggles allows users to search the Web using images as input; it allows users to perform a visual search with little effort. Once the application has been downloaded and installed taking a photo with the… Read More »

Wearable computers: The Next Generation displays

Wearable computing has come a long way since Steve Mann pioneered this research field with his WearComp and WearCam systems. Whereas in the early days, output devices were mostly large head-up displays or sunglasses with lots of electronics hanging off them, new research at the University of Washington promises to improve upon these original designs… Read More »

Second Life enters real life with augmented reality project

Second Life is undoubtedly one of the most popular massively multiplayer online (MMO) worlds. People log-on to play the game often enough that some consider it an addiction no different than alcohol or drugs. Regardless, researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology are working on bringing Second Life’s virtual world to the real world via… Read More »

With computer vision by your side you will never have to ask for directions again

MIT’s Technology Review recently published an article describing how Augmented Reality (AR) will have a large impact in the way that we find information; they consider on of the 10 emerging technologies in 2007. Augmented Reality is a specialization of computer vision that attempts to extract the 3D structure of a scene from video and… Read More »