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“Chess Terminator” plays blitz chess with Vladimir Kramnik

Fans of the game of chess surely remember former world champion Vladimir Kramnik, who held the title back in 2006, but the most recent news regarding the Russian gross-master comes from the world of robotics. Kramnik was the sparring partner for a chess-playing robot called “Chess Terminator”, designed by Konstantin Kosteniuk, who is the father… Read More »

First ever chess playing computer program

Programming computers to play games has been central to Artificial Intelligence research since its early days back in the fifties. By now, most of us have heard of IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer defeating world chess champion Garry Kasparov in the game of chess and becoming the first ever computer to defeat man in this very… Read More »

Intel’s 48-Core Single-Chip Cloud Computer

Intel announced yesterday a new 48-core single chip computer that is low power and promises huge speed increases for applications that can take full advantage of parallel computing. Applications in Artificial Intelligence including machine learning, robotics and computer vision stand to greatly benefit from such silicon. If you remember, a bit less than 3 years… Read More »

Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine

Stephen Wolfram announced a couple of days ago in a blog post that he and his team will soon unveil a new online computational knowledge engine called Wolfram Alpha that will be able to answer questions posed to it in natural language. If successful, this would be the holly grail of computational intelligence for no… Read More »

A.I. work by Daphne Koller wins inaugural ACM-Infosys award

Professor Daphne Koller at the University of Stanford has won the first-ever ACM-Infosys Foundation Award in Computing Sciences. The $150,000 prize was given to the 39-year-old for her work in approaching new solutions toward designing artificial intelligence in computers. At her young age Koller, who was also named a MacArthur Fellow in 2004, has already… Read More »