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Robovie R3 Unveiled

Robovie R3 is the newest invention by ART and VStone, and is the updated version of Robovie mR2. This robot, however, comes with both exterior and interior changes, and looks ready and eager to do a job. It will primarily be used to help the elderly and the disabled, much like other helper-robots, and it… Read More »

Robotic chair fine art

It is not often that we write about a fine art robotics exhibit but when we do it is almost always well worth it. This post is about the robotic chair fine art exhibit that has been displayed around the world since its completion in 2006. The robotic chair is the product of a collaboration… Read More »

Disembodied Androids

Many robots are made with the idea of further research, testing the limitations of technology or studying the potential of artificial intelligence, but some are designed simply to haunt your nightmares. It is hard to imagine what other purpose they might possibly have. The video at the end displays three singing heads at the Art… Read More »

Robot produces drip paintings but is it art?

Action Jackson is a simple robot built by spare parts for a course project. Its designers are computer scientists at the Washington University in Saint-Louis (WUSTL) led by Professor William D. Smart. The robot’s name, Action Jackson, is a tribute to the famous drip painter Jackson Pollock who according to Wikipedia was an influential American… Read More »