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AIBO coming back from the dead?

Rumor has it today that Sony will bring back their robot dog AIBO with new features which will include connectivity with a PSP/PS3 and remote control via the PS3’s controller. I found out about this via this post on Gamespot so I don’t know what the chances of this being real are. The poster says… Read More »

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Reinforcement Learning is cool

The following video was created by the Real-life Reinforcement Learning group at Rutgers University and, in my opinion, it demonstrates why reinforcement learning is awesome! Using RL, artificial intelligent agents such as the AIBO shown in the video can learn solutions to problems that a human engineer may not consider herself. Sometimes the solutions are… Read More »

Object recognition using a grid-connected robot dog

An interesting project at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, involves color-based object recognition using distributed computing consisting of several beowolf clusters spread around the world. The video at the end of this post demonstrates how the system works; the video is also the winner for “Most Innovative” at the first AAAI video competition held last… Read More »

Caleb Chung presents Pleo

Ugobe missed the holiday season having announced late last year that their little robot dinosaur would not be available fro sale until March 2007. As the company readies for receiving pre-orders for Pleo, they have started a media campaign to promote their new robot. They have released a 3-minute video of inventor Caleb Chung presenting… Read More »