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Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning: What does it all mean?

For more than a decade, hundreds of millions of people on planet Earth have, unbeknownst to them, interacted on a daily basis with the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) ever created. The AI I am referring to is none other than the Google search engine. Surprised? Google’s online search engine actually meets the definition of… Read More »

Artificial Intelligence software predicting the outcome of sports events

Recently, I came across an article on The Register discussing the simulated fight in the movie Rocky Balboa. Simulation was used to figure out if the current heavy weight champion Mason Dixon could defeat former champion Rocky Balboa. The outcome of the simulation was a win for Rocky via KO. When the two fighters finally… Read More »

The equivalence between lossless compression and artificial intelligence

Dr. Marcus Hutter makes a very compelling argument for the equivalence between lossless compression and artificial intelligence. In fact, he has established the Hutter Prize that aims to discover the best compression algorithm for human knowledge. He is offering up to 50,000 Euros to the person who bests Alexander Ratushnyak’s paq8hp5 algorithm. The motivation behind… Read More »

Reinforcement learning myths and successes

The ultimate goal of artificial intelligence research has always been to construct autonomous agents that can function in complex and higly dynamic environments. Such intelligent agents should be able to improve their performance over time learning from their experiences while exploring their environment. Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a discipline of AI with a focus on… Read More »