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Overexposed photos be gone, say MIT researchers!

Overexposed photographs may soon become a thing of the passed with a new invention out of MIT. The proposed modulo camera overcomes the problem of limited bit resolution of modern light sensors to produce High Dynamic Range (HDR) images with little hassle on the photographer’s side. As you can see in the example at the… Read More »

The High Altitude Lego Extravaganza (H.A.L.E.)

It has been 10 years since the introduction of Lego Mindstorms, the programmable block structures created by Lego. To commemorate the occasion a division of the company along with Lego enthusiasts at the University of Nevada-Reno are holding H.A.L.E. H.A.L.E. is an event that will launch Mindstorm-based payloads into the Earth’s stratosphere. Teams around the… Read More »

Chemical-sniffing robots to be used by army

The military is upgrading to a new robot that will replace the current bomb-spotting robots that are proving to be too fragile to use in current situations anymore. The new robot, called the CUGV (Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Unmanned Ground Vehicle), will be a lot more durable and will be able to perform more… Read More »

The Bum Bot patrols Atlanta’s streets

Atlanta pub owner Rufus Terrill is getting huge news headlines for taking a high-tech approach to keeping the streets surrounding his neighborhood safe. The 57-year-old former Marine created a four-foot-tall, 300-pound robot patrol unit that serves as mobile security camera, security guard and neighborhood watch. His opponents are claiming that Terrill is adding to the… Read More »

New iRobot Verro pool cleaning robots

Just in time for the summer season, iRobot announced today a couple of new additions to their Verro pool cleaning series of robots. The two new robots are the Verro 100 and the Verro 500 models are specifically designed for above ground and in-ground pools respectively. More specifically and according to the company’s Press Release,… Read More »

It’s a mess, we know

I apologize for our blog looking like a complete disaster at the moment and for most of the day. Unfortunately, some of the images used in the blog’s theme are stored in Photobucket and as you can tell from the numerous messages throughout the site, we have exceeded our allocated bandwidth limit for the month.… Read More »

Back after a brief absence

Regular readers probably noticed that I did not post any new stories this past week. The reason is that I was out of town enjoying some very much needed time off. I’m back now and I am looking forward to writing about the newest happenings in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence. Stay tuned!

iRobot announces "Dirt Dog" robot

America’s favorite consumer robotics company announced a new robot to complement its very successful line of Roomba robotic vacuums. Specifically, iRobot announced that in 2 days, on September 15th, consumers will be able to purchase a new version of the company’s Roomba robot vacuum specifically designed for vacuuming workshops and other similarly harsh environments. The… Read More »