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MABEL two-legged robot fastest in the world

It would appear that we have a new champion in the “what robot can run fastest race”. The two-legged robot MABEL under development for several years at the University of Michigan was recently revealed to reach a top running speed of 6.8 miles per hour or roughly 11 kilometers per hour. This means that MABEL… Read More »

“Chess Terminator” plays blitz chess with Vladimir Kramnik

Fans of the game of chess surely remember former world champion Vladimir Kramnik, who held the title back in 2006, but the most recent news regarding the Russian gross-master comes from the world of robotics. Kramnik was the sparring partner for a chess-playing robot called “Chess Terminator”, designed by Konstantin Kosteniuk, who is the father… Read More »

Geminoid F takes up acting

The highly realistic android called Geminoid F has been placed in a Japanese play called “Good-bye” and presented at a Tokyo Art Festival. The robot, which costs around $1.2 million, can mostly just sit, but she can also move her head and change her facial expressions. Another actress stands behind the stage feeding her her… Read More »