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Google Project Tango mobile phone

After acquiring just about any robotics company worth something, Google research have now revealed one of their internal projects that aims to create a mobile phone that has all the necessary hardware and software to create beautiful 3D models of indoor environments. Project Tango is the first prototype of a highly customized smart phone with… Read More »

Multi-user spatial collaboration using augmented reality on mobile devices

Augmented reality for mobile devices has grown in popularity in recent years partly because of the proliferation of smart phones and tablet computers equipped with exceptional cameras and partly because of developments in computer vision algorithms that make implementing such technologies on embedded systems possible. Said augmented reality applications have always been limited to a… Read More »

Bing augmented reality maps demo

Microsoft Research who brought us some wonderful technologies such as the incredible Photosynth continue to impress with a much improved web mapping application integrated with the company’s new Bing search engine. During the TED 2010 conference, Microsoft engineer Blaise Aguera y Arcas demoed the new Bing augmented reality maps showing real-time registration of video taken… Read More »

A biologically-inspired vision system

Researchers at the Rowland Institute, Harvard, and McGovern Institute for Brain Sciences, MIT, are developing new, biologically-inspired vision systems taking advantage of faster computers. Their goal is to create vision systems for image understanding that can be as accurate as biological systems and more specifically the human visual system. The researchers have developed a new… Read More »

The Visual Memex Model: Modeling object relationships for scene understanding

Computer vision researchers have for decades been trying to develop algorithms for scene understanding from images and/or video. No doubt, they have made huge progress towards this goal. For example, in the last decade new methods for feature-based object recognition have been developed with a large degree of robustness to scale, viewpoint and illumination changes.… Read More »

AutoStitch: Panoramic image creation for the iPhone

The iPhone app store may be home for some 50,000 applications but few are actually worth the download, free of charge or not. One of these few applications that are a must have for every iPhone owner is AutoStitch by Cloudburst Research Inc. This nifty application can create panoramic or wide-angle images from any arrangement… Read More »