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Game AI: The trade-off between entertainment and believable AI

I don’t write much about game AI since there is hardly anything cutting edge in game AI to talk about. More than a year ago, I wrote a post commenting on some research out of the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence showing that even irrational players could easily defeat the AI in the real-time… Read More »

Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine

Stephen Wolfram announced a couple of days ago in a blog post that he and his team will soon unveil a new online computational knowledge engine called Wolfram Alpha that will be able to answer questions posed to it in natural language. If successful, this would be the holly grail of computational intelligence for no… Read More »

Siftables: From wireless sensor networks to tangible user interfaces

Interacting with a computer using a keyboard and mouse is really starting to get old. I recently purchased a Tablet netbook and I have found the touch screen interface a pleasure to use over using the mouse; coupled with Vista’s excellent handwriting recognition, the tablet has become my number one machine for use daily. But… Read More »

IBM Sequoia supercomputer to be the fastest ever

In the world of supercomputers, IBM is easily the number one manufacturer. Last year, we wrote about the RoadRunner supercomputer which topped the charts as the fastest machine available for scientific computation housed at the Los Alamos Laboratory and most notably running PetaVision a piece of software used to simulate the human visual cortex. A… Read More »

Apple computer history as told by Computer Shopper magazine editor Stan Veit

The story of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Apple Inc. has been told many times from many different points of view. You can read a myriad of magazine articles and books telling the story of how two young men with a passion and a dream managed to create one of the most influential technology companies… Read More »

Jaguar supercomputer for scientific research

The members of the National Center for Computational Sciences (NCCS) have something to be truly proud of. I am talking about the Jaguar supercomputer which after a number of upgrades is now the fastest supercomputer available for scientific number crunching. Jaguar is a combination of Cray XT4 and XT5 parts and after a recent upgrade… Read More »

Open source Touchless SDK

The keyboard and mouse have become the standard interface devices for computer input and they are not likely to give up the top spot any time soon. Speech recognition has yet to provide a viable alternative regardless of the effort put in it by several large companies including IBM and Microsoft. Touch screens have recently… Read More »

IntellaSys SEAforth 40C18: A low-power 40-core scalable embedded array processor

It is not likely that we will have advanced robots in our homes unless a major breakthrough in low-power, high-performance embedded processors occurs. IntellaSys is close to this breakthrough with the release of the SEAforth 40C18 embedded processor which boasts 40 cores and operates at low power. In fact, the company claims that SEAforth uses… Read More »