BigDog dynamic manipulation: It throws a cement block!

By | March 1, 2013

Boston Dynamics have amazed us more than once over the years having created some of the most incredible and, at times, scariest (not in the uncanny valley sense but more on the Terminator is real sense) robots. Their creations range from the jumping Precision Urban Hopper, the incredibly realistic dynamically balanced humanoid PETMAN, and, of course, the very familiar 4-legged robot mule BigDog.

So, what are they up to recently?

They just released a new video of BigDog equipped with a powerful robotics arm lifting and throwing a cement block with ease and elegance; also, it does this while maintaining perfect balance. And this is what much of the work at Boston Dynamics is focused on, real-time control of the most advanced robots on this planet. The main reason we are also so flabbergasted every time they release a new video.

So, watch BigDog picking up and throwing a cement block across the room and join me in hoping that Daniel H. Wilson will soon released an updated version of his How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion including tips on how to avoid getting knocked out by flying cement blocks 🙂

3 thoughts on “BigDog dynamic manipulation: It throws a cement block!

  1. Tyson Gifford

    Impressive throw. I think I read that they may actually use the BigDog in the military to carry packs and equipment.

  2. Greg

    That is definitely progression when a robot can throw something as heavy as a cement block.

  3. Malachi Keller

    I love all the things that comes out of Boston Dynamics. Petman, Bigdog, Sand Flea, they are all designed to be rugged, and work in the harshest of environments and they do it with out missing a step! Hopefully my robotics will at least some day compare!!!

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