Quadrocopter inverted pendulum acrobatics

By | February 26, 2013

Quadrocopters are all the rage these day but nobody gets them to more impressive acrobatics than the machine learning and control team, led by Prof. Raffaello D’Andrea, at ETH.

Whereas just last year the team demonstrated a single quadrocopter balancing an inverted pendulum, just recently they demonstrated how two flying machines not only can individually do the balancing trick but can also throw and catch a pole between them. The quadrocopters use machine learning algorithms to improve their throwing and catching performance over time. The results are rather impressive as you can tell for yourself after watching the team’s demonstration video following.

I wonder what they will achieve next!


One thought on “Quadrocopter inverted pendulum acrobatics

  1. Malachi Keller

    I love quadcopters! I’m actually in the process of saving up to build one using the APM board and hopefully have a fleet of them made in the next couple of months to develop GPS based robotic-cooperation to help aid in things like disaster search and rescues. The technology is amazing!

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