Chainsaw robot makes furniture for your home

By | February 6, 2013

Yes, you have read the title correctly!

Some interior design students have a pretty wild imagination (and very likely some friends with robotics expertise and access to some cool hardware:) ) as they actually designed and programmed a robot that can make a couple of stools out of a piece of wood. The robot is a standard Kuka industrial robot with a chainsaw end effector. With some clever programming, the high precision robot can curve a tree trunk with millimeter accuracy into 2-3 usable stools.

Move over 3D printers; this robot takes the cake!

Enjoy the video of the chainsaw wielding robot in action.


One thought on “Chainsaw robot makes furniture for your home

  1. Greg

    This sure does blow away the concept of 3D printers. I think these interior design students are amazing to think of a robot that can actually make wood stools and use a chainsaw to do it.

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