MABEL two-legged robot fastest in the world

By | August 22, 2011

It would appear that we have a new champion in the “what robot can run fastest race”. The two-legged robot MABEL under development for several years at the University of Michigan was recently revealed to reach a top running speed of 6.8 miles per hour or roughly 11 kilometers per hour. This means that MABEL is significantly faster than the previous record holder which was Toyota’s humanoid robot with a top speed of 7 kilometers per hour; Honda’s ASIMO is now in 3rd place with a top speed of 6 kilometers per hour.

Another technical achievement behind MABEL and above Toyota’s robot is that MABEL’s gate while walking and running much more closely resembles that of a human. In addition, MABEL jumps 3-4 inches above ground (both legs) when running whereas Toyota’s robot hardly does (it does enough to consider it’s fast walking gate running). One disadvantage is that MABEL is not a complete robot that includes an upper body with arms and a head compared to Toyota’s, Honda’s and other humanoid robots coming out of Korea and Japan.

The below video shows MABEL running including some explanation of the related technical achievement. Additional information on the project can be found at the project’s website here.

2 thoughts on “MABEL two-legged robot fastest in the world

  1. Erin

    Hmm . . . don’t ASIMO and Toyota’s critter run without being tethered? I’m wondering if some day we’ll send these dudes to explore Mars or something . . . . once we can get them going a bit faster and smoother. Apart from sheer technical achievement, what do people expect from these bots?

  2. Danny

    “Apart from sheer technical achievement, what do people expect from these bots?” – that’s an excellent point Erin, the technical achievement is great but what will they be used for practically? Are we to expect robot butlers or will they be used in space exploration as you mentioned.

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