“Chess Terminator” plays blitz chess with Vladimir Kramnik

By | November 23, 2010

Fans of the game of chess surely remember former world champion Vladimir Kramnik, who held the title back in 2006, but the most recent news regarding the Russian gross-master comes from the world of robotics. Kramnik was the sparring partner for a chess-playing robot called “Chess Terminator”, designed by Konstantin Kosteniuk, who is the father of the current women’s champion, Alexandra Kosteniuk.

The engrossing video shows the match in full, where the robot-arm’s lightning movements certainly match the former champion in terms of speed. The A.I. is also very responsive and doesn’t make any big mistakes during the short match, which ended in a draw. The funniest part is at the 2:45 minute mark, where Kramnik offers his hand for a draw, but the robot brushes it away and continues playing.

It is not that the Chess Terminator lacks manners, it’s that it can not actually see its environment. It has already been connected to the chess board, and sees the pieces on a digital board, where it chooses the best move from a list of all possible combinations. The robot arm is a steady worker, and can grasp and move around tiny objects like the chess pieces very easily, as well as press the button on the clock. It looks so dedicated and concentrated on the task at hand, providing quite the humorous contrast with Kramnik’s relaxed and zestful exterior.

Enjoy the match video below.


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  1. Jeff Olsen

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