Robotic chair fine art

By | December 13, 2009

It is not often that we write about a fine art robotics exhibit but when we do it is almost always well worth it. This post is about the robotic chair fine art exhibit that has been displayed around the world since its completion in 2006.

The robotic chair is the product of a collaboration between prof. Raffaello D’Andrea of ETH, and artists Max Dean and Matt Donnovan. The wooden chair makes for an interesting exhibit as it falls apart and then autonomously puts itself together. You can watch the chair in action at the end of this post.

I don’t fully understand the artistic meaning of this exhibit but I do understand the technical side of things. The chair is constructed from a small number of actuated components. An overhead camera observes the location of the components and the state of the environment. The data obtained via the camera is fed to a computer that wirelessly sends appropriate commands to the components such that the chair is put back together. It takes anywhere between 6 and 20 minutes for the robotic chair to assemble itself.

[source Robotic Chair]

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    What a great concept as a teaching toy for kids 5 and up to learn about robotics — the concept of breaking as destruction and application of technollgy to repair and build -WOW.This definitely an important part of a media diet!

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