AIspace: Learn artificial intelligence using this collection of freely available interactive tools

By | August 23, 2009

A few days ago, I wrote about what I believe is the average person’s irrational fear of robots. As some people pointed out, some of these fears exist because we don’t really understand what Artificial Intelligence is and what it is capable of. So, I thought that some/many/all of our readers may benefit from learning the basics of AI.

To that effect, I would like to bring your attention to AIspace which is an online collection of interactive tools specifically designed for teaching introductory AI concepts to students. The tools have been under continuous development since 1999 at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

AIspace includes interactive tools for learning about arc consistency for constraint satisfaction problems, belief networks, graph searching, decision networks, neural networks, planning, and robot control. The tools are also accompanied with plenty of documentation to help anyone get started in AI.

The video below provides a short overview of AIspace. For the record, the person narrating in the video is Prof. Alan Mackworth who among many other honors is also the Founding Father of Robot soccer, i.e., Robocup.

2 thoughts on “AIspace: Learn artificial intelligence using this collection of freely available interactive tools

  1. nanda

    hi i ve been following ur blog regularly for some time n i ve found t very interesting. so given dis i thought you would know about swarm intelligence and swarm robotics. so can you please giv me some in depth idea as to how i can implement swarm intelligence. It would be really helpful for me. Thank you

  2. Awesom-o

    One of these day, I'll write an introductory article on the subject. In general, swarm intelligence methods are easy to implement. If you can't wait, try looking for information on Wikipedia.


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