Free robotics courses from Stanford Engineering

By | September 19, 2008

Stanford University has started a new website with 10 free courses in Computer Science, Robotics, and Linear Systems and Optimization. The new Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) initiative is a great opportunity for attending lectures by some of the top researchers and scientists all from the convenience of our own homes. Among the courses listed, there is a course in robotics and a course in machine learning.

The robotics course is taught by Oussama Khatib who is well known for his contributions in the field; he has published some 200 papers during 25 years of research and he is still going strong. The focus of Khatib’s work these days is in human-centered robotics and haptic human-robot interaction.

The machine learning course is taught by Andrew Ng whose robots we have mentioned numerous times in this blog. If you don’t remember, most recently we wrote about the latest iteration of Ng’s autonomous RC helicopter that learns the autorotation maneuver using reinforcement learning. If you want to learn how they did it then you should follow his course on SEE. I have embedded below Ng’s first lecture which gives a nice overview of machine learning (the first few minutes are boring but the lecture becomes very interesting after that.)