Virsona lets you talk to anyone

By | June 6, 2008

Imagine being able to talk to any historical figure from history from sitting at your keyboard. Albert Einstein, Cleopatra, Adolf Hitler, Jesus Christ, even Babe Ruth if you so wanted, could be chatted with. Take that idea a step further and suppose if you could talk to fictional characters as if they were real people. Do you want to ask Peter Parker what his day is really like having the secret superhero identity of Spider-Man to protect? Or what about asking Sherlock Holmes for a little advise about solving a mystery? If the technology behind Virsona holds up that is precisely what you may be getting the opportunity to do.

At the Digital Hollywood conference held this past week in New York City Peter Hodge, the CEO/co-founder of Virsona, was giving the world the head’s up about his company. “Virsona Inc. is a company that brings to market a virtual persona, an online digital persona, of a person or a historical or fictional character. It’s a real-time chat interface. It looks like you’re having an instant messager conversation,” explains Hodge.

Hodge claims that anyone can teach his software how to hold a conversation just like the real character or figure from history after spending a couple of weeks inputting information into the database. The data appears as diary-like entries on your browser screen. As you ask the Virsona personality questions it will respond using the knowledge and personality that has been programmed into it.

Virsona is hoping to attract the attention of Hollywood hoping that the lure of letting the prospective audience have the chance to “talk” with the characters from movies will generate bigger box office. The application could also be used for education where kids could surf onto the site and learn the basics about science from a Virsona persona constructed to resemble Isaac Newton. The doors officially open on the Virsona website next week.

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, now that sounds so cool. I can’t wait for it to go live so I can start building my own character so my kids, and their kids can chat to me later on in life.

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