New iRobot Verro pool cleaning robots

By | March 5, 2008

iRobot Verro 500 pool cleaning robotJust in time for the summer season, iRobot announced today a couple of new additions to their Verro pool cleaning series of robots. The two new robots are the Verro 100 and the Verro 500 models are specifically designed for above ground and in-ground pools respectively. More specifically and according to the company’s Press Release,

The new Verro 100 will navigate and clean a flat-bottomed above ground pool of any shape, while vacuuming debris along the way. The new Verro 500 features sturdy rubber rollers that brush and power-scrub all pool surfaces, as well as a powerful vacuum to remove debris. The Verro 500 cleans pool floors and climbs walls all the way up to the water line. Sitting atop sturdy treads that drive the robot, the Verro 500 works on all pool surfaces, including vinyl, tile, fiberglass, and gunite.

The two robots are complemented by the previously announced Verro 300 pool cleaning robot. These robots are not cheap and each costs $399, $699, and $999 for the 100, 300, and 500 model respectively. I only wish that I had a pool to clean so that I had a real excuse to buy one of these.

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  1. Peter

    This looks like a fabulous way to get some easy pool cleaning done!!

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