It’s a mess, we know

By | January 31, 2008

I apologize for our blog looking like a complete disaster at the moment and for most of the day. Unfortunately, some of the images used in the blog’s theme are stored in Photobucket and as you can tell from the numerous messages throughout the site, we have exceeded our allocated bandwidth limit for the month. We are trying to correct the problem so please forgive us for the mess.

Update: Everything should look better now but the graphics are still missing. It will take a couple more hours before our new server is setup and able to stream the graphics at which point everything should be back to normal.

Update 2: Everything should be fine once again.

3 thoughts on “It’s a mess, we know

  1. Awesom-o

    I am hosting the images on my own server now. I have other blogs other than this one so it was not a big problem other than it took me a while to track down the images.

    As it happens this was the first blog I created and I put it on blogger because I was curious to learn about online publishing. I pay for my own server now but I can’t move this blog without losing all my traffic because of blogger’s poor design that locks you in. Lesson learned for me, I guess. Although I do find blogger’s software to be very good if all you want to do is login and post without the hassle of running your own server.

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