Sarcos exoskeleton video

By | November 28, 2007

Utah’s Sarcos revealed yesterday their latest prototype exoskeleton for allowing humans to perform tasks requiring strength above that supplied by their own biological muscles. Even though I believe exoskeletons are an important technology for improving the life of differently enabled people, Sarcos seems to be mostly targeting their exoskeleton to military use; however, I am willing to bet that the primary reason for this is that the funding for the technology is supplied by the US military specifically to develop technology for use in the battlefield. As you can tell from the video, the early models will mostly be useful in terms of allowing soldiers to perform heavy lifting that otherwise would require much effort. Later models are clearly designed for use in battle something that I find a rather sad use for a great technology. At any rate, below is the video showcasing the capabilities of the latest Sarcos exoskeleton prototype.

Thanks Gary for the link to the video.