Cleaning robot specialist iRobot introduces pool-cleaning Vero series of robots

By | April 10, 2007

iRobot Verro 600It would appear the iRobot has a mission to keep our living spaces spotless with zero effort on our part. After having incredible success with the Roomba line of vacuuming robots, they introduced the Scoomba floor washing robot and Dirt Dog workshop cleaning robot. Now iRobot is going outdoors and underwater with the introduction of the Verro series of pool-cleaning robots.ow iRobot is going outdoors and underwater with the introduction of the Verro series of pool-cleaning robots.

There are two robots in the Verro series the 300 and 600. The robots differ in more than just the price with the 300 version costing $799 and the 600 version priced at $1, 1999. Yes, the robots are a bit expensive but if you can afford a house with a large pool then you can afford one of these robots. The differences between the Verro 300 and Verro 600 are given in the press release,

The iRobot Verro 300 is designed for use on gunite or concrete and features a powerful hydro-jet system that power washes the pool, deep cleaning pores, cracks and seams. The iRobot Verro 600 is ideal for vinyl, tile and fiberglass pool surfaces and features sturdy PVA brushes that scrub and clean the pool, while the powerful vacuum and self-contained filtration system picks up and traps debris and microscopic bacteria.

iRobot Verro 300The best part about these robots just like all the other robots that iRobot has designed is the ease of use. Basically, iRobot is creating the robot equivalent of the iPod. All iRobot cleaning robots can be operated via one or two buttons making the interface simple enough that anyone can get the maximum performance out of their investment. The robots are also designed to operate in a turn-on and forget mode; you turn the robot on and place it in the area you want to clean and then go away without having to worry about the robot not doing its job or causing damage. This is really the best quality for these robots and in fact it should be the goal for every robot designed for household usage. I believe that iRobot has definitely figured out the recipe for creating useful, robust and easy to use household robots and I have no doubt that the Verro series is going to be as successful as all the others.