Internet Renaissance MI RAI-RT entertainment and educational robot

By | September 12, 2006

MI RAI-RT robotTomoaki Kasuga, the creator of Sony’s discontinued AIBO robot dog, is at it again this time via Speecys Corporation and their new robot MI RAI-RT. His new humanoid robot stand about a foot tall and it is capable of interfacing to the Internet via build in wireless networking and your home computer. The Internet Rennaissance MI RAI-RT robot can thus download information from the Internet and then transform it into an entertaining dance.

MI RAI-RT’s functionality will not be limited to just entertainment. Its creators also programmed it to be able to download and read the latest news and horoscopes. In addition, MI RAI-RT can be used as an educational tool as it is capable of downloading conversational English lessons from Speecys’ dedicated website

The robot is about 1.5Kgr heavy and it has more than 150 LED’s on its body to complement its speakers for communication with its owner. Speecys announced today that they will begin selling the robot online on September 30th. MI RAI-RT is expected to sell for 294,000 yen which is roughly 2,500 USD. The new price is a bit higher than the estimated 1,500 USD when the robot was announced last April.

Warning: The websites I link to in this story are in Japanese. If you can’t read Japanese then you might have some luck getting the pages translated via Google’s translation service.