South Korean robot Hubo is living the dream

By | August 21, 2006

hubo robotThe South Korean state of the art humanoid robot Hubo has been recruited by rapper Kanye West to star in one of his upcoming music videos. The Hubo humanoid robot was developed by professor Oh Jun-ho at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science (KAIST.) Hubo stands 124cm tall and weighs about 55Kg. It can also move at a speed of 3 Km/h. Hubo is capable of moving each of its fingers independently, dance, shake hands with people and play games with children. Hubo is often seen as South Korea’s answer to Japan’s advanced humanoid robots, ASIMO and QRIO.

Hubo was introduced in January of 2005 and it became famous just last November during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum when its creators installed a mask on Hubo’s head to make it look like Albert Einstein. Einstein-Hubo was also photographed shaking hands with USA president G. Bush.

Now Hubo will become a TV star since the Korean team accepted an invitation by Getting Out Our Dreams Pictures to have the robot star in a music video with Kanye West.

“Getting Out Our Dreams Pictures, a New York-based production company of Kanye West, contacted us to use Hubo in its music video and I opted to accept the proposal,” Oh said.

“Hubo will appear in a music video for a fantasy song on the debut album of Sara, a male trio backed by Kanye West,” Linss told the Times.

I wish Hubo the best of luck in his new music career!